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Stainless Steel

Chemical composition Mechanical properties Physical properties Aisi Designation Surface finishings [row] [span12] The STAINLESS STEEL is a ferrous alloy which is  able to combine the mechanical properties, typical of steels, with the intrinsic characteristics of noble materials such as, typically, the remarkable qualities of resistance to corrosion. They consist essentially of iron, carbon and chromium,…
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Brass is an oxidizable alloy consists primarily of copper and zinc. The content of zinc will determine the features of the alloy, including the mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, the color, the machinability, ductility and thermal exchange. Brass is a ductile material, malleable and has a good corrosion resistance. Compared to copper it…
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Chemical composition Physical properties Mechanical properties Copper is a trace element. Its symbol is Cu , atomic number 29. Copper is one of the first metals used by man, most likely it is the oldest metal. Thanks to its properties and the different chemical qualities, physical, mechanical and aesthetic, continues to be present in human…
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Chemical composition Physical properties Mechanical properties ALUMINUM Aluminum, its symbol is Al, the atomic number 13. Despite it is the third most abundant element on Earth, after oxygen and silicon, the aluminum is the youngest among the industrial metals, having been produced on an industrial scale only few more that 100 years ago. Aluminum is…
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