Brass is an oxidizable alloy consists primarily of copper and zinc.

The content of zinc will determine the features of the alloy, including the mechanical strength, abrasion resistance and corrosion resistance, the color, the machinability, ductility and thermal exchange.
Brass is a ductile material, malleable and has a good corrosion resistance.
Compared to copper it has superior mechanical properties, hardness, resilience and fusibility, but to the expense of electrical and thermal conductivity properties.
The brass has a wide application and is recommended where  a good mechanical resistance is needed. It is mainly adopted in the electrical, automotive, chemical industry, mechanical, construction fields.
The brass such as copper is used in the production of objects that are touched frequently by hands, as the taps, because it is an antibacterial material.

The alloys are divided into two major groups, the binary brass  that consist of copper and zinc and the  ternary brass that consist of copper zinc and other element more.

The brass alloy can be produced in a variety of forms,  Friuliana Metalli  sells rods and sheets in most common sizes.


(CuZn39Pb3 and CuZn40Pb2)

The brass rod is a semi-finished product with a round , hexagonal and square section, destined to cold
barra ottone
working with excellent characteristics of workability to machine tools, allowing high speed machining.

The types of brass rods sold by us are mainly leaded brass, standard alloy, in round and hexagonal shape:

CW614N - CuZn39Pb3 (drawn brass rod for turning)
CW617N - CuZn40Pb2 (extruded brass rod for forging-molding)

This are alloys with a copper content extended between 57 and 59%, a zinc content between 38-40% and with the addition of lead up to 3.5% in the CW614N alloy and up to 2.5% in the alloy CW617N, to facilitate the removal of chips, the high cutting speed, low roughness on the surface finish, reduced tool wear.
It is mainly used in the plumbing and heating sector, in mechanical parts, in the electrical and automotive industries.

Upon request we can also supply other alloys, such as alloy CW510L - CuZn42 (OT67), which is used for products intended for contact with drinking water, mainly produced for the American market.


The brass sheet is a metal sheet obtained by rolling and used mainly in mechanical engineering.Lamiera ottone

The alloy OT63 -CuZn37 is the most used alloy, because it offers the greatest ease of processing both at high and low temperature. It is used in various fields, such as hydraulic, bashing, metal fittings in general, design and art.

Our Company mostly sells brass sheets in standard size (1000 x 2000 mm ) in both soft and hard physical state.

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